Bar Towels, Microfiber, or Recycled — What’s the Best Restaurant Towel?

Bar Towels, Microfiber, or Recycled — What’s the Best Restaurant Towel?

Most of us care about keeping clean. But restaurant owners? They care more.  

Restaurant owners know that crumby tables, dirty utensils, and grimy floors will escort customers right out the door. Even the perception of dirt turns some customers off a restaurant forever.

At All Rags, we stock a variety of restaurant and bar towels for the clean conscious restaurant owner. 

Best Cleaning Rag Choices for Food Service

Some of our customers who own restaurants, food trucks, or catering services keep three or four different kinds of cleaning rags at their disposal. 

They include:

Bar Towels

Bar towels are the go-to solution for many restaurant staffers. Bar towels are durable, absorbent, and versatile. As their name indicates, bar towels soak up drink spills — but they can also clean kitchen surfaces, dishes, and utensils. 

Top quality bar towels absorb easily and then dry quickly. Our most popular bar towels have no stripe, so they can be washed and reused without fading or looking dingy, and they’re hemmed to prevent fraying. 

Glass Towels

Higher end establishments need their glasses and silverware to sparkle. And while it gets rid of germs, the routine cleaning process can tarnish or leave streaks on dishes, giving a less-than-favorable impression. 

These blue huck towels work well on glass and silver. They’re easy on the lint but still 100 percent cotton. They help uncover and preserve the shine that lets patrons know the restaurant owner cares about their experience at the table.

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber solves a variety of cleaning problems for restaurants. As a dry rag, microfiber excels at dusting surfaces, including wall decor. As a wet rag, microfiber becomes a workhorse with the ability to dislodge grease from stainless steel and other surfaces — often without using chemicals.

Our microfiber cloths come in bright colors and two different sizes. We even have recycled microfiber rags.

Disposable Towels

Disposable paper wipes serve as first responders to contain huge spills in many busy kitchens. They don’t fit the front-of-house atmosphere for many of our restaurant clients, but they’re nice to have around when you need them.

These tough disposable towels can stand up to the toughest spills and messes, and the pop-up box ensures fast access.  

Recycled Rags

Since they’re made from reclaimed textiles, recycled rags will vary some in size and color. That’s a turn-off for some customers. 

But you won’t find a harder working cleaning rag for the money. Lots of restaurants keep these rags in stock for cleaning bathrooms and kitchen surfaces.

All Rags Offers Made-to-Order Customer Service

Still not sure what cleaning rags to stock for your restaurant? We’d love to talk more about your specific needs. Contact us by phone or online to continue the conversation about your unique cleaning needs. 

Regardless of the size of your order, you can expect responsive customer service throughout the ordering process. As cleaning rag specialists, we have the knowledge and the experience to find the solution you need.

Contact us today to learn more. 

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