Wiping Cloths for the Furniture, Cabinet, Casework, and Wood Refinishing Industries

Wiping Cloths for the Furniture, Cabinet, Casework, and Wood Refinishing Industries

Recycled or New Knit Wiping Cloths Get the Job Done

Whether you sand, dust, stain, polish, oil, or wax furniture, you’ll find the wiping cloths you need at All Rags.

But with so many choices, how do you know which wiping rags to buy?

According to our current customers in the furniture manufacturing industry, it’s all about the knit!

Here are their top choices:

Option 1: Recycled, Gray T-shirt Knit Rags

Our customers say recycled, gray T-shirt knit rags are the most cost-effective wiping cloths for applying varnishes, paints and stains. The instructions on the product you’re using might say “apply with a clean white cloth.” But a gray knit cloth works just as well in most cases.

Gray knit cloths will not color bleed, and the product you’re applying will be visible on the rag.  Recycled rags are low lint and very absorbent. They’re non-abrasive, reusable, and washable, too.

Recycled gray knit wiping cloths cost less, and they’re also more ecologically friendly. They might be just the ticket if you are painting, staining, varnishing, oiling or waxing.

Option 2: Recycled, White T-shirt Knit Rags

Some of our customers prefer a white cloth, especially if they’re using a lighter varnish or stain. These customers tend to buy our recycled, white T-shirt knit rags.

White T-shirt knit rags may not be quite as cost effective as their gray counterparts, but they’re just as ecologically friendly — and they’re more economical than buying rags made from new material.

Option 3: New T-shirt Knit Wiping Cloths in Gray or White

There’s no doubt that recycled rags provide the best value while still maintaining a high level of performance for woodworkers and furniture makers.

But some customers still prefer buying rags made from new textile material so they can control more of the variables. We get it, and we’re glad to help.

We provide new gray and new white T-shirt rags for this purpose. New rags are all the same size, unlike recycled rags whose dimensions vary some from rag to rag.

Since they’ve never been worn as actual T-shirts — and therefore never gone through the wash hundreds of times — new rags provide the most consistency with lint and density. But regular washing of a fabric increases its absorbency, so new rags may take a while to break in.

What About a Rag for Cleaning Up After Staining or Varnishing?

Let’s talk about cleanup after a staining or varnishing job. There is no better, more cost-effective, all-purpose wiping cloth for cleaning than our recycled, color T-shirt knit rags.

Our customers use these cost-effective rags to clean machinery and to wipe down materials after sanding. They’re also great for wiping your hands or the sweat from your brow.

Colored, recycled T-shirts offer the absolute best value, even when compared to rags made from white and gray recycled materials.

Recycled, color knit rags are made from previously used T-shirts that have typically been washed lots of times in their lifetime, making them softer and more absorbent. They will have slightly more lint than their new knit counterparts, which are also a good alternative for cleanup.

Setting Aside Cost, What’s the Best Rag for the Furniture Industry?

New and recycled gray or white knits work great for polishing, staining and varnishing. They’re the top choice for our customers who buy bulk material for large-scale, industrial projects. They’re also a great choice for

But specialty shops that require the very best material go with our new, white cotton knitted diapers

These rags are soft, absorbent, thick, low in lint, and chemical free. And they’re also consistent in size, density, and weave.

Dusting and Polishing Rags for Cleaning Furniture

Homeowners and house cleaners who dust and polish furniture love microfiber towels which are made of high quality microfiber cloth. Our microfiber rags come in 12x12 and 16x16 sizes — perfect for cleaning and dusting furniture and fixtures.

What is microfiber cloth? It’s made out of synthetic yarn that’s split into fibers that are too small to see, increasing the rag’s surface area and exponentially increasing its capacity for gripping and trapping dust — all without using any cleaning products.

Along with dusting, these products also work for cleaning surfaces: Just add water and the microfiber dusting cloth will clean any smooth, polished surface.

These are essentially lint free rags. The downside is that you’ll have to be sure to follow washing instructions to keep your microfiber towels at peak performance. 

FAQs about Wiping Cloths for Furniture, Cabinet, Casework, and Wood Refinishing

How do I apply wood stain with a rag?

Always start with a clean rag, whether you’re using a recycled or new rag. Make sure the surface is free of dust. Wipe the stain into the grain of the wood, and start with small amounts of stain on the rag because wood stain tends to dry on cloth quickly.

What kind of rag is used for staining?

Lint free rags with high thread counts work exceptionally well for staining wood. You can also use rags made from recycled or new T-shirt material for staining, but it’s best to avoid colored rags which are best for cleaning up after a project. White or gray rags allow you to see how much stain you’ve put on the rag. 

How do I stain wood with a rag?

Applying wood stain with a rag allows for a consistent and thorough application. Apply stain to the rag and then work the rag along the grain of the wood, starting with small amounts of stain. Always use a clean rag. Dust the surface before staining the wood.

Saving Money with Gray Knits — New or Recycled

If you are currently using new, white knit wipers in your furniture manufacturing or refinishing business and want to save money, try our new, gray knits which work just as well at a lower cost. If you are using new, gray knit wipers, consider trying recycled, gray knits.

If you have questions or would like to try out a product before buying, be sure to call our customer service representatives. They will gladly send you some samples.

Call us today at 1-888-335-6439 to talk with an All Rags specialist about your furniture wiping cloth needs or contact us online to find the best wiping cloths for your business.

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