How Can All Rags Outperform the Big Box Stores?

How Can All Rags Outperform the Big Box Stores?

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is a big reason huge retailers like Walmart, Lowe’s, Amazon, and Costco succeed.

These retailers know you’re already buying office supplies, paper products, and light bulbs. So they put out a display of wiping rags, knowing you might buy those too — just because it’s convenient compared to making another stop or placing a separate order.

So how do product specialists, like All Rags, compete with the power of convenience? To start with, we make shopping even more convenient. But we don’t stop there. We also beat the big boxes on:


Recent inflation due to supply chain bottlenecks and increased consumer demand has caused the average price of many retail products to skyrocket. Consumers are becoming more price conscious than ever, leading to price sensitivity across a wide range of items.

Wiping rags and towels are no exception. Whether its T-shirt rags or microfiber towels, bulk rags or individual boxes, price matters — and we deliver.

Check out this example:

Big Box

Big Box Store Comparison

All Rags

All Rags Comparison

As you can see, the same box of rags on Amazon costs twice what you’d pay at All Rags.

Why? In many cases, big box stores don’t care, at the end of the day, whether you buy their rags or not. They hope you’re willing to pay more for the convenience of buying rags along with other supplies. But if you’re not, they’re OK with that. The person in line behind you might be.

At All Rags, we want you to get the best possible value for your dollar. We care about your value because we know satisfied customers become repeat customers. We keep our prices as low as we possibly can.

Tailored Items

A well-tailored suit or dress always fits better than something you bought off of the general clothing rack. All Rags takes that same approach and dedication toward our wiping rag items.

If you shop at a big retailer for a box of rags for cleaning up grease and oil around your garage, you will probably find only one choice. In the biggest stores, you might find two choices — assuming neither choice is out of stock.

Usually, the off-the-shelf product won’t be ideal for your specific need. The worst-case scenario happens when your one choice on the shelf is a premium, lint-free product and you don’t need a rag that nice. Why should you have to pay for performance when you don’t need it?

Chances are, the employees at the big box store won’t have an answer to that question. We do.

Our answer comes in the form of stocking a wide variety of rags for a wide variety of needs. If you need rags for oil clean-up, we have affordable, heavy-duty rags for that. If you need to clean sensitive electronic equipment, we have microfiber, lint-free rags for that. If you need something in-between, we have a rag for that, too.

We know rags. Our wiping cloth experts can help you select the right cloth for your specific needs so that you don’t waste time and money on a “multi” purpose rag from a big box store.


Everybody knows it’s convenient to get everything from one store, whether it’s an online retailer like Amazon or a huge warehouse store such as Lowe’s or Walmart.

But how much time do you spend in these stores (and on these sites) sifting — trying to find the one item you need? What about when you need someone to help give you a suggestion on an alternative item when your primary item is out of stock?

These common experiences in a big box chip away at the convenience factor. When you need bulk rags or boxes of wiping cloths, it’s more convenient to give All Rags a call.

At All Rags, customer service isn’t a thing of the past. We have a dedicated team to help all customers. From helping you with a box of rags to a bulk rag order, or even just talking you through a conundrum that you are having in your day, our customer service team at All Rags is top notch and here to help!

Bulk Orders

Buying almost anything in bulk allows you to save money on the per-item cost. Buying in bulk can also save time and effort, in the long run. Storing a large quantity of an item means you can shop for the item less often. What’s more convenient than not having to shop at all?

Wiping cloths don’t have to be purchased one box or bag at a time as the big box retailers sell them. If you have the room and need, try buying bulk rags! Bulk wiping cloths are not an option at the Walmarts and Amazons of the world.

At All Rags, our specialists can help you narrow down your bulk rag order to make it the most cost efficient for you. Bulk rags do not just mean shipping a full pallet of wiping cloths. Bulk rags could be half or even quarter pallets.

The more you buy, the more you will save on your PER-BOX shipping costs which can equate to hundreds of dollars in savings. Every penny counts as bulk wiping cloth orders are the way to go.

All Rags Offers It All, Conveniently

Our fast-paced world places convenience at the top of the hierarchy of needs. So we strive to make your wiping cloth purchases as convenient as possible. But, unlike big boxes and huge online retailers, we don’t have to sacrifice value, quality, customer service, and product choices in order to provide convenience.

We offer the best prices, the highest quality, the most choices, and the best customer service — and we offer those things conveniently. And that’s how we can outperform the huge retailers.

You can sit from the comfort of your home or office and order bulk rags right to your office, job site or home. Ordering boxes of rags has never been easier and you do not have to make the choice between convenience and other key factors. You get both!

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  • Brad Grossman