What kind of grease rags does my shop need?

What kind of grease rags does my shop need?

For people who do hands-on work, grease and oil are part of the job. In some shops, the presence of grease and oil is a sign of a good day’s work. But even the most productive shops and factories know clean work areas and clean hands are part of an efficient operation.

These companies rely heavily on grease rags to keep work areas safe without stopping the entire operation to deep clean equipment and surfaces.

What are my options for grease rags?

A lot of our manufacturing and automotive clients use a combination of our industrial rag options.

The cotton shop towels or Cotton Herringbone Dishcloths work well for cleaning off greasy hands or parts, while the recycled corduroy rags effectively lift grease and oil from surfaces. Our popular recycled sweatshirt rags are highly absorbent, even for solvents, oil, and other grime.

We also have a variety of disposable options such as the durable DRC wipes and Airlaid products.

If it’s like most work areas, your shop may need to stock different rags for different applications.

Grease rags for small tools and parts

Rags made from reclaimed material are a great choice for cleaning small hand tools and small industrial parts. These rags are cost efficient since they’re made from recycled T-shirts. They come in assorted sizes and quantities.

Since they’ve been worn as clothes and likely washed many, many times in the past, these rags are highly absorbent, especially considering their low price point.

To get tools and parts as clean as new, consider soaking them in solvent before scrubbing them with a recycled rag.

If you need more durability and don’t mind spending a little more, check out our huck towels.

Grease rags for employees’ hands

Shops have a lot of choices for employee hand washing. Of course, soap and a scrub brush may be your first line of defense here. But if you need to make rags available to your employees, disposable shop rags are typically best.

It’s especially good to have these rags on board service trucks and any other time crew members won’t have immediate access to soap and water.

For example, this DRC pop-up box is especially good for hand washing. Some of our clients like to keep Cotton Herringbone Dishcloths around for this purpose.

Grease rags for cleaning floors

Grease on the production floor can be dangerous and costly. That’s why our industrial and automotive clients keep a steady supply of large grease cloths.

Recycled corduroy rags and towels are really good at absorbing excess grease, industrial fluids, or oil spills. Using these rags first makes mopping and scrubbing faster and more effective.

Explore our Industrial Rags page to see the full range of products we offer! Please contact our customer service specialists if you have any questions.

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  • Brad Grossman