Terry Cloth Wiping Rags — A Time Tested Cleaning Solution

Terry Cloth Wiping Rags — A Time Tested Cleaning Solution

It’s one of the oldest and most reliable kinds of fabric on the market. In fact, according to Wikipedia, archaeologists have found a 6,000-year-old sample of handmade terry cloth. It seems ancient people in the Americas and the Afro-Eurasia landmass knew the value of this fabric.

Industrialization in the mid-19th century transformed terry cloth from a niche product to a common household staple in the world’s advanced economies. Now, terry cloth is so common a lot of people aren’t quite sure what it is. 

What is terry cloth?

At its simplest, this type of cloth features uncut loops of thread which are bundled together in a small area. Typically, the looped threads are made out of cotton, or mostly cotton. Look at any bath towel in your linen closet and you’ll see terry cloth. This type of fabric can absorb more liquid per square inch, and it creates a multi-dimensional surface area that can clean surfaces more thoroughly.

Durability is another feature restaurants, bars, and hospitals expect when they order terry cloth rags and towels. This fabric can be used and washed hundreds of times before it starts to lose its effectiveness.

At All Rags, we offer both recycled and new terry cloth rags and towels in a variety of sizes and colors. If you need a consistent, thick, and durable wiping cloth for your hotel, restaurant, bar, or health care facility, we can help. And our bulk ordering process helps business owners save time and money.

What kind of terry cloth rags should I buy?

Terry cloth comes in a wide variety of sizes, patterns, and colors, but many heavy users of terry cloth like to buy simple, white rags. White shows stains, making it easier to tell clean piles from dirty piles. White rags also won’t be faded or streaked by cleaning solvents. This reduces the chances of a customer seeing a streaked or stained rag in your business.

Of course, businesses who need durable and efficient cleaning cloths for use behind the scenes, where customers will never see them, don’t worry so much about appearances. These types of businesses can save money with recycled terry cloth rags.

By recycled, we mean previously used hand towels, beach towels, or even bathrobes – all of which have been repurposed into cleaning cloths. Since there’s no need to buy newly woven fabric, customers can save money when they choose recycled wiping cloths. 

What are the problems with terry cloth?

Terry cloth isn’t a lint free fabric, so it’s not always a good fit for sensitive projects like furniture staining or cleaning electronics. Customers who need a lint free rag should consider microfiber.

Terry cloth also frays when cut. Our new, white terry cloth rags feature hemming that prevents fraying.

These rags can also fade over time — and they can streak when they come in contact with some cleaning solvents. That’s one reason white is the most popular option for many customers.

How can I save money on terry cloth rags?

Whether you’re buying new or recycled terry cloth, buying in bulk through All Rags can save your business money. You’ll save per rag, but you can also save on shipping costs. And, by receiving fewer orders, you can cut down on the amount of time your employees spend stocking supplies.

Our customer service staff excels at helping businesses find the best deal on the rags they need.

Contact us today to talk about your company’s specific needs.

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  • Brad Grossman