All Rags Launches New, User-Friendly Website

All Rags Launches New, User-Friendly Website

Over the summer, we launched a new, sophisticated website designed to help businesses access information about our wide range of products and choose the wiping cloths they need.  Our new website provides a smooth customer experience while enabling site visitors to quickly and seamlessly connect with company representatives. 

Browse and Choose from Our Complete Line of Wiping Cloths

Our new website offers many ways to browse through our complete line of wiping cloths.  You can search by category, such as white cotton rags, microfiber, colored terry rags, and high absorbency wipers, or by industry, such as industrial rags, food service, gym/health, and cleaning service.  You can also search all products by attributes, such as best sellers, white, low lint, and low cost.  In addition, you can sort all products alphabetically, by price, or by date.

From the main product pages, one click takes you to a complete, specific product description, including price, attributes, size, and uses. From the product description page, you can add the wiping cloths you want to your cart and then check out, view related products, or readily contact a professional customer service representative to answer your questions and help with your order.

Experience Our Website’s Design and Functionality

Our new website features a fluid, contemporary design that displays optimally on all devices, from smartphones to large desktop monitors. The design complements the descriptions, with white space highlighting the variety of wiping cloths available, and neatly arranged images allowing you to see numerous products at the same time without being overwhelmed. 

From the site’s crisp, clean homepage through the sleek, informative product pages, you can readily find the information you need about our complete line of wiping cloths, our packing and shipping options, and our company.

Check out All Rags’ new website for yourself.  You’ll be surprised at the variety of wiping cloths available and the ease with which you can browse through our product lines and find exactly what you need.

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  • Brad Grossman