Can I get a High Absorbency product?

Yes, absolutely!  We sell very high absorbency products in color and white materials.  Please use the filter provided for choosing high absorbency products or call and speak with a customer service representative for suggestions.


Can I get a 100% Lint Free product?

Technically,  to be considered 100% lint free, a product would have to be manufactured in a Clean Room environment.  We offer a number of items that are very near 100% lint free.


Do you have products appropriate for Spill Containment? 

Yes, we have a variety of wiping cloths, rags, and towels, as well as oil only absorbent pads and grey universal absorbent pads designed for specific spill containment applications.


Do you have towels for Cleaning Services?

Yes.  We have a variety of towels, wipers, and cloths, including microfiber cloths that are suitable for all cleaning service applications.


Do you have towels for Food Service and Food Processing facilities?

Yes.  We have a number of disposable food service wipes, towels, bar mops, dishcloths and microfiber to meet all needs for the Food Service Industry.


What is your return policy?

If issued, a refund on returns will only be for the product cost. Any shipping charges are non-refundable.


What do you recommend for Gyms and Health/Fitness centers?

Our best selling gym/fitness item is our 16x27” white terry gym towel.


What are the best selling wipers for general Industrial use?

Our best selling product for general industrial use is by far our recycled knit wiper.