Buying Rags in Bulk

Buying Rags in Bulk
The phrase “buying in bulk” means different things to different shoppers. Some people imagine pushing a shopping cart around Costco and tossing in the big cube of paper towel rolls. Others picture a 53-foot trailer, filled with paper towels, backing onto their property.

Buying our rags in bulk falls somewhere in between. You couldn’t put 500 pounds of rags in a shopping cart, but you also wouldn’t need to build a warehouse annex to store the rags.

500 pounds of rags is usually 2,500 to 3,000 rags. Picture a stack of boxes on a wooden palette in the corner of your storage room. Each box is small enough to be moved by one person, and each box contains bundles of rags that are easy to access.

The rags still have the same quality you’d get if you bought a 25-pound or 50-pound box.

So what’s the benefit of buying rags in bulk? Saving money. We offer discounted pricing on orders of 500 pounds or more. Over time, your company can save thousands of dollars by buying bulk rags.

Another benefit: You can take fewer deliveries which saves even more money and work hours.

If you have questions about buying rags in bulk, we’d love to talk with you in person. Please give us a call at 1-888-335-6439 and ask about our discounted pricing on orders of 500 pounds or more.

And if 500 pounds exceeds your idea of “buying in bulk,” we would still love to talk with you and help you find the best product and deal to meet your needs. We run monthly specials on a variety of products, and our customer service specialists will always work hard to ensure that you receive the best service and pricing available.

Our orders are packaged in 10-, 25-, or 50-pound boxes and shipped all over the United States from our 10 distribution centers around the country. We guarantee fast and friendly service.

We deliver colored and white knit rags, fleece, terry cloth, disposable paper, and microfiber rags. Whether you’re looking for shop rags, bar towels, or cleaning rags of any other type, we are your No. 1 source.

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  • Brad Grossman