The Rewards of Recycled Rags

The Rewards of Recycled Rags

Why recycled? Out of all the options you could pick, why choose recycled rags? We’re glad you asked!

We can think of two big reasons. First, cost. Most people who use our rags need a constant supply of them year-round. Painters, repair shops, metal workers, car washes and more all rely on rags to do their jobs cleanly and effectively. And if you need to keep up a large supply, you’ll want a system that’s both reliable and inexpensive. We supply cost-effective solutions that will meet your business needs without bleeding you dry. Whether you need old t-shirts. huck towels, or mop pads, we keep our products functional to keep your costs down.  

Second, effectiveness. Brand new rags normally don’t absorb that much, which means jobs take more time and more rags to complete. But our recycled rags will soak up more fluids than new ones do, which means your tasks take less time and fewer supplies. And our rags make things simple with a single use. No need for folding, sorting, stacking, or storing. Use them once and throw them away!

But, recycled.  So they’ve been previously used? YES, previously used by you as a t-shirt, sweatshirt, bath towel, or bed sheet.  All recycled items are manufactured from post-consumer products that have been previously washed.  A t-shirt served its first life being worn by the consumer, but comes to you in its second life as a wiping cloth, helping you clean up the dirtiest of jobs. If you’re looking for rags that are pretty, matching, or floral, then recycled probably isn’t the solution for you. But if you’re looking for cheap, effective and one-and-done, we are here to help! There’s nothing that pretty rags do that recycled rags can’t do. And ours cost less. And clean more.

Here are a few of our best-selling recycled products:

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