Oil vs Universal Absorbent Pads

Oil vs Universal Absorbent Pads

What’s the difference between an oil absorbent pad and an ordinary absorbent pad? Oil absorbent pads soak up only oil, making them a must-have for mechanics, machinists, and other professionals who work around hazardous materials.

Also, oil only absorbent pads are captivating to watch. If you know, you know. These pads, made from melt-blown polypropylene, repel water while attracting oil and gas. They soak up hazardous oils from shop or factory floors, leaving the water behind, proving the old adage that oil and water don’t mix.

That’s why oil absorbent pads should be included in spill kits for any shop that uses oil or petroleum-based products. While OSHA does not require these pads by name, stocking oil absorbent pads helps employers follow OSHA’s requirement that all work areas be kept clean and dry.

What Size Oil Absorbent Rags Should I Buy?

Our 15x18-inch oil absorbent pads, which come in packages of 100, are the ideal size for most businesses. These high quality pads can even float on standing water, extracting hazardous oils that have leaked into contained water.

Our clients who run shops and factories like to keep these pads in stock. We also provide them to some restaurants who want to be prepared for cooking oil spills that can make such a huge mess.

Stock Absorbent Rags Where They Can be Accessed Quickly

When business owners buy these pads, we recommend they make sure their employees know where in the shop to find them. We also recommend keeping the pads near work areas that are prone to spills.

This is important because applying these pads immediately after a spill helps contain the problem before it affects more of your process. Time spent searching for this product is time and money wasted.

Universal Absorbent Pads Available, Too

Customers who need to absorb both water and oil buy our universal absorbent pads. These work like oil only pads but simultaneously absorb water.

Whichever product you need, we recommend making a plan for disposing of used oil absorbent pads — a plan that follows EPA and local environmental and workplace safety laws. 

Our Customer Service Makes Ordering Easy

At All Rags, we specialize in cleaning rags and pads. We also specialize in taking care of our customers’ needs. Whether you place an order online or call our customer care staff, we’ll work hard to earn your trust and turn you into a regular customer.

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  • Brad Grossman