The Global Impact of Buying Recycled Rags

The Global Impact of Buying Recycled Rags

Thinking about buying recycled cleaning rags instead of paper rags or new cloth rags? No pressure, but your decision will have a global impact.

Before we explain, know this: We provide all types of rags — recycled, disposable, and new. We believe in matching customers with the perfect product for their needs. We have no special incentive to sell customers recycled rags, and we’d never tried to guilt anyone into buying recycled rags.

We’re writing about this topic because, as rag specialists, we find it intriguing. It’s interesting that a simple decision, like choosing one rag over another, can impact people around the world — and affect future generations of global citizens.

Global Advantages of Using Recycled Cleaning Rags

For example, did you know that when you choose rags made from recycled materials, you:

Reduce Reliance on Landfills

Buying recycled rags helps reduce landfill use in two ways. First, recycled rags keep disposable rags out of landfills and out of septic systems. Plus, recycled rags keep used T-shirts, pullovers, and towels — the materials we recycle into rags — from clogging up landfills.

Reduce Pollution

Manufacturing new textile products requires energy, and the process creates pollution. Recycled rags lower the demand on the textile industry, reducing pollution. And, since most of our nation’s new textile material comes from Asia and Africa, using recycled rags also reduces the number of containers shipped around the world, further reducing pollution.

Reduce Agricultural Demand

Cotton is still the main ingredient in most new textile materials, especially cleaning rags. Cotton needs a lot of land to grow. Using recycled rags lowers the demand for cotton, freeing up land for other crops. On top of that, many cotton producers use pesticides to keep their crops free of infestation. Less demand for cotton translates into less pesticide use.

Reduce Your Own Cleaning Costs

Because of all of the above, recycled rags usually cost less than cloth made from new material. This means your business could lower its cleaning costs by choosing recycled rags. Then, you could direct this money into staffing, staff development, capital improvements, or anything else your business needs.

Create Local Jobs

Unlike new textiles, recycled textiles can create domestic jobs. The process of reclaiming, cleaning, and re-using existing cloth tends to happen locally. Why? Because the source material — that’s the used towels, bathrobes, and T-shirts that get turned into recycled rags — is already here in the U.S.

Recycled Rags Aren’t for Every Business

Like we said above, we want to match every business with the best cleaning rags for their needs — and not every business should buy recycled rags.

If your business needs rags that always look the same, recycled rags aren’t for you. Recycled rags can vary in color and size, and this variation won’t work for some restaurants, gyms, and salons.

But if you value a cleaning rag’s performance and value over its appearance, you’ll probably like recycled rags. They’re often more absorbent than new rags because the material has already grown soft from so many washings.

The Best Customer Service for All Types of Rags

Whether you need recycled rags, disposable rags, or rags made from new material, we meet your business’s needs by providing the best products and the best customer service in the market.

Plus, we can extend discounts on many bulk orders, saving even more money.

Contact us today to discuss how working with a rag specialist like All Rags can help your company thrive.

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  • Brad Grossman