What kind of cleaning rags does your restaurant need?

What kind of cleaning rags does your restaurant need?
In a restaurant, the humble cleaning rag needs to shine. Most restaurant owners and managers know this. They know a customer who sees a dingy or stained rag might think their food will be dingy and stained. It creates a bad first impression.

That’s why All Rags offers multiple cleaning rag options for restaurant owners and managers. Our food service line ranges from disposable wiping cloths to top-quality, brightly colored microfiber.

Naturally, the kind of rags your restaurant needs will depend on your specific cleaning challenges. Some managers insist on stocking disposable rags, for example. Staff members can toss disposable rags into the trash after one use, reducing the chance that a customer will ever see a dirty rag.

Disposable paper rags have their limits, though. They’re OK for a quick table wipe down, but a thorough cleaning will require more durability. For this purpose, we recommend our blue huck towels and our hemmed bar mop line. Both of these products look professional, and they continue to perform well after hundreds of washings.

Of course, in any industry, there’s always room for traditional terry cloth towels and rags. This highly absorbent, time-tested material easily contains those overturned drinks and other big spills in the dining area.

For back of house staff members, first impressions shouldn’t be an issue, but performance still matters. Huck and bar mop towels can fight stubborn messes. Terry cloth is an all purpose washing or drying material.

And even recycled rags can have a role. Recycled materials save money and they help keep previously used towels, bathrobes, pullovers, and T-shirts out of the landfill.

Since they’re made from repurposed material, recycled rags won’t have the same consistency in size and color as new rags. For this reason we don’t recommend them for front-of-house business hours.

At All Rags, we’re experts at helping our customers find the right cleaning rags. Our customer service staff can talk through your unique needs and recommend products to save your staff time and to save your restaurant money.

We ship throughout the U.S., and we offer discounts on bulk orders. Contact us today.

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  • Brad Grossman