The Advantages of Compressed Cube Shipping

The Advantages of Compressed Cube Shipping

Advantages of Compressed Cube Shipping

Most wiping cloth companies, pack their products for shipping to customers in standard size boxes.  All Rags, for example, typically handles packing and shipping in 10 lb, 25 lb., and 50 lb boxes.

However, we also offer our customers an innovative option:  10 lb. and 25 lb. compressed cubes.  Just like compressed cubes for packing suitcases or storing items at home, our cubes do an amazing job of compressing the contents to minimize the space required for shipping. 

By eliminating boxes in favor of compressed cubes, you can not only reduce the volume of space needed for shipping and possible storing, you can reduce your shipping cost and provide better protection for the cloths you purchased.  In other words, compressed cubes will protect your cloths from water, moisture, and dirt much better than standard boxes.


To find out more about the advantages of compressed cube shipping from All Rags, call us at 888-335-6430 or chat with us online.  We want to help you get the perfect wiping cloths for your business.       

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