Is a Bulk Rag Order Right for Your Business?

Is a Bulk Rag Order Right for Your Business?

Buying cleaning rags in bulk could help your company in several ways.

Bulk purchases can help by:

Saving Money

We extend special discounts on bulk orders, lowering your per-unit cost beneath our already competitive prices. As every successful business owner knows, small savings turn into big savings as time passes.

Cutting Processing Time

Bulk orders translate into fewer orders. This means your staff will spend less time receiving deliveries, stocking products, and breaking down delivery boxes. Again, it may not seem like much at first, but when repeated regularly, you can save a lot of work hours — hours you can invest in your own customers.

Shortening Your To-Do List

Along with saving time processing deliveries as they arrive, bulk orders also allow your employees to spend less time ordering supplies. Sounds like a stretch? Think about it: Each time you place an order, someone needs to assess your existing stock, decide what supplies should be re-ordered, and then place the order.

When your supply of rags runs out less often, you can invest less time assessing and ordering supplies.

Helping the Environment

Bulk ordering can create fewer delivery trips to your business, which saves fuel and eases road congestion. Again, one bulk order won’t make much of an immediate difference. But getting into the habit of placing bulk orders can make a big impact over time.

Is bulk ordering right for my business?

All that said, we’re still the first to admit: Buying in bulk isn’t for everybody. Before placing a bulk order, make sure you have:

Enough Storage Space

Space already tight? The stress of a bulk rag order may outweigh its benefits. Before placing your order, find out how much storage space you’ll need. Our operators can answer that question. Create space before the delivery arrives. 

Consistent Needs

You don’t want to stock up on one kind of rag this week only to switch to a different type of rag next week. Bulk orders work best for customers who already know what kind of rag works best for their business. 

A Monitoring System

One of bulk ordering’s biggest positives can turn into a negative. When you buy, for example, a year’s supply of rags, your staff may start to think your rag supply is inexhaustible. Since they haven’t needed to reorder in so long, they may stop monitoring your supply.

Fortunately, if this happens to you, we turn new orders around quickly. We ship out orders the next business day via FedEx Ground, so you could be resupplied in a few days. Still, it’s best to avoid running out of stock by setting up a reliable way to monitor your supplies.

Another Way to Save Money on Deliveries

Have you heard about compressed cube shipping? This new approach to shipping removes the air from the shipping cube, creating more space and less weight. Compressed cubes offer another way to cut shipping costs on any size order.

Unopened compressed cubes also take up less space in your storage room. Learn more about this innovative approach to shipping here.   

On Any Order Size, Expect the Best from Us

Whether you’re ordering a 25-pound box of recycled rags or 2,000 pounds of Terry cloth, we’ll treat your order the same way: As if it were our own. Our customer support staff works hard every day to satisfy every customer they encounter.

And that’s just one of the ways we beat the big box stores. Contact us today to experience the All Rags difference.

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  • Brad Grossman